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About us

We proud to be a company which thrives on personal touch and high standards. We are not budget transfer company, infact we are fair trading transfers which offers amazing working conditions for its employees, drivers and associates to make a positive environment. When you meet one of our driver you will re-call this, by noticing their professional service, knowledge, joy to do this work and satisfaction to serve you. We have been in this industry from long time and being kiwis we love to be quite, calm and carry on.


Our all drivers are “P” Endorsed and have valid PSL when they carry transfer services. We have driver’s who can speak multiple language and also our admin staff can be speak English, Hindi, Chinese, Gujarati, Marwadi, Punjabi, and Marathi. We also have outsourced Spanish, Italian and Urdu speaking drivers/guide available for the job. We also have regular health checkups and testing in place to keep them fit, but the most important thing is they love to be the part of Seasons family. We have fair working policy and carry Liability insurance, Indemnity policy and statutory employee liability all upto date which can be obtain on request.



Our job is to make client satisfied with our safe, quality and environment friendly transfer services. Choosing the lowest emission MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter Model variant is a smart move for the environment, as it reduces the harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases, and minimise running costs. Supporting a safety-focused culture by creating a safe workplace is a key goal of our business.

“The mother nature as we called her and take care accordingly”

All our vehicle is always clean and groomed by plant-based enzymes products, to minimise the effect on our environment. We ensure about using the less resources and maintaining the high standard.

Community Based


In our local community – nearby Rolleston – Selwyn District, we have done lots of complimentary transfers for Sunday programs and school runs. We have sponsored the rugby club in Rolleston – which provide training to kids and our large vehicles are very ideal for them to move from one place to another. We have also sponsored – “Kiwi Events” – the entertainment hub company in Christchurch which also runs Disable shuttle service via Gold Band Taxis. We all are annual members of Orana Wild Life Park and very close to the park, its animals and always promote the business.

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