Booking Terms and

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation for Transfers (New Zealand)

1] Our Transport Service License Number: PSL – 0255953.

2] Quotes are valid for until 1 Month, prior to start of the tour.

3] If the Quotes are under 1 month of start of the tour – please email us for confirmation.

4] No cancellation charges if cancelled 1 month prior to starting of the confirmed tour.

5] $500 NZD fixed charges once booked under 1 Month and before 2 weeks of starting of tour. Non-refundable and 100% chargeable under 2 weeks of start of the transfers.
One month before starts of tour free cancellation except black out dates, Xmas period and new year bookings.

6] All amendments are FOC outside 1 Month period of starting of the tour.

6] For all monthly account agents – payment date is first week of each month for the last month.

7] All quotes are inclusive of driver’s wages, accommodations and their meals.

8] All quotes are inclusive of complete vehicle running costs and insurance of vehicle.

9] All transfers are carried out through NZTA approved guidelines and ‘P’ endorsed drivers only and our all vehicles are PSV (Passenger Service Vehicle) and we have full cover for Liability insurance for our services.

10] Any tips to driver are excluded and on guest discretion.

11] In event of emergency we may cancel, change the course of travel anytime, which will be completely on our discretion.

12] No food is allowed to be consumed in our vehicles and clients must comply with this policy.

13] Cleaning fees of $200 NZD will be applicable if our vehicles get dirty due to client’s spillage or eating food inside.

14] Once you book with a confirmation email, you agree with our payment terms and conditions as mentioned above. If there is any delay or in case of non payment of our invoice, we will refer this to the collection agency and you will have to pay for the collection charges for the same including all the overdues in our invoice. By replying to our email, you accept our terms and conditions for payment and default. By accepting our Invoice you agree that we might can proceed to Debt collection agency if our invoice are not paid on set time and all collection charges along with any extra fee will be payable by you.

For other general terms and conditions please email us and we will provide more details accordingly

Cancellation for International Tours

A. General Terms applicable for all types of cancellations:

1. Applicable Refund as per cancellation policy will be paid within 120 working days from the date of cancellation as confirmed by Seasons Travels based on supplier's reply and process of refund

2. No interest will be applicable on refund

3. Cancellation shall attract the cancellation charges on total tour price as calculated after cancellation is received in form of writing from tour group. Seasons Travels reserve all rights to decide on cancellation costs accordingly and depending on the situation.

4. Cancellation due to death of any client before the tour will be treated with full respect and Seasons Travels will not charge any of their own service fee or cancellation charges for the deceased person.

5. For any additional services / deviation / upgradation or any similar changes booked by the guest, the additional cancellation in addition to normal terms.

6. Seasons Travels NZ do not have any responsibility towards additional expenses relating to any arrangement made by guests themselves relating to tour.

7. Guests should communicate any correspondence towards cancellation on email at

B. Tour cancelled by guest due to personal reason:

1. If the guest decides to cancel the tour for any reason, he shall make a written application or email from registered email-id of guest on and deliver it to the concerned sales booking person / Branch-In-charge at the sales outlet where guest/s booked.

2. The letter or email must contain details of tour code / form no, date of departure, Name and no. of guest's as included in the cancellation request

3. Cancellation by email will be valid only if sent on above mentioned email address only. Any other form of request for cancellation shall not be considered as a request for cancellation.

4. Booking after cancellation will be treated as fresh booking for all purposes.

5. Cancellation can be due to any personal reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, the reason of inability to participate due to any illness, death, court order, tour cancelled by sharing partner, requiring to pay single occupancy and the like.

6. Air Ticket Cancellation charges plus deposit forfeit charges as are applicable under the rules of the concerned Airline are to be paid by guest/s immediately.

7. In case of cancellation due to personal reason, normal cancellation charges apply and refund will be processed accordingly if any. If the booking is non-refundable then there is no refund possible unless any supplier agrees to pay refund in certain conditions. Seasons Travels NZ can't take any liability for refund based on non-refundable conditions but we can only try our best to explain the situation.

C. Tours cancelled by Seasons Travels NZ

1. Seasons Travels NZ may cancel/reschedule the tour without assigning any reason and in such an event the guest/s can claim only the amount paid by him after deducting the taxes & VISA fees if paid by Seasons Travels NZ to Visa Processing centre or Consulate.

2. When Seasons Travels NZ decides to cancel the tour, cancellation of tour shall be communicated at least 45 calendar days prior to the date of commencement of tour, unless force majeure situation, via any of the following modes (a) sms (b) telephone (c) email; provided by the guests.

D. Cancellation due to VISA rejection – Deemed Cancellation

1. Tour will be treated as Deemed cancelled, unless intimated by guest in writing within 24 hours for applying VISA second time, if VISA is not granted or delayed by Consulate for any reason whatsoever.

2. The cancellation charges shall be Applicable from the date of intimation of cancelled VISA from guest to Seasons Travels NZ

3. Guests may apply a second time for VISA at his own risk and consequences . If VISA gets rejected then the new date of intimation will be considered as cancellation of tour date.

4. Sometimes the VISA processing takes longer time and in few cases VISA is not granted before your departure or it is delayed. In such cases, Seasons Travels NZ as a facilitator shall not be responsible for any consequences and / or liable for any refund, the guest shall have to bear all the cancellation and rebooking charges for the next tour.

5. If VISA of some guests of the booking form is cancelled and other guests of the same form cancels the tour then cancellation charges as per above table is applicable for all bookings

6. Consulates depending on their rules & regulations send VISA & passport directly to guest's residence or in our office. In both the cases, guests require to check correctness on VISA ( Paper VISA, sticker VISA, E-VISA etc.) for personal & other details such as Name, validity, correct photographs, signature of the authorized person etc. Seasons Travels NZ will not be responsible if immigration offices do not allow the guest to leave or enter the country.

7. In many cases, the consulate requires Air Ticket / Hotel Vouchers to process the VISA. On cancellation, actual Air Charges / VISA fees are payable in addition to the above cancellation table.

E. Cancellation due to force Majeure Situations or Emergency

1. Under force Majeure Situation, Emergency or any natural calamity, Seasons Travels NZ reserves the right to Cancel, partly cancel and/or reschedule the tour considering safety of the Guests.

2. No refund fully/partly applicable on cancellation under any circumstances due to Force Majeure or any natural calamity

3. Seasons Travels NZ will request suppliers for assisting in postponement of tour & guests can join the next possible date of the same tour product. Guests are required to pay additional Cost, if applicable.

F. Rescheduling of tour due to Uncontrollable factors

1. Seasons Travels NZ reserves the right to reschedule the tour and / or change the itinerary due to uncontrollable factors such as change in airline schedules, suspension or discontinuation of services by suppliers, major events at the visiting destinations affecting route of transport etc. No refund is applicable in uncontrollable situations and guests have to abide by the new schedule / Itinerary.

2. Guests are required to pay additional cost due to delay in flight or cancellation of flight or missed the flight, missing the connecting flight during travel as the case may be. Guests are free to book their own tickets & refund will be processed as per contract between Seasons Travels NZ and Airline. Once Air tickets are released as per request of guests, Seasons Travels NZ will not be responsible for new booking & guests will be required to join the group at their own cost & consequences.

3. Fine, penalties or any such payments arising due to not meeting with the requirements of any airport or government authorities including Passport or Visa documents, court orders are responsibilities of guests and to be paid by the guest.

G. Travel Insurance:

Seasons Travels NZ does not provide Travel Insurance services but we highly recommend all the guests travelling in our tour to buy relevant comprehensive travel insurance policy before their respective travels. Please note it will be the guest's own responsibility to buy Insurance based on the destination they are travelling. Seasons Travels NZ will not involve in Insurance purchasing or claim as we are not not a qualified Insurance service provider.

H. Privacy Policy:

Seasons Travels NZ collects your personal information to enable us to respond to your queries and provide you with our travel products and services, including assisting in arrangements with suppliers

We will also use your personal information to personalise the service we provide you, including your experience on our, and other, websites, and to provide you with information about our, and our partners’, business, products and services.

Your information may be shared between entities within Seasons Travels NZ and disclosed to suppliers, third party travel service providers, our website manager, our cloud infrastructure, our contractors and to others where authorised or required by law. Some of these entities may be located overseas.

By signing up for our tours and providing your personal details for booking you confirm that you have read and understood our privacy notice for this service and you consent to Seasons Travels NZ sending you marketing material, including via electronic messages relating to our and our partners’ products and services that may be of interest to you.

I. Responsibilities:

Except to the extent that the law imposes a non-excludable liability:
All bookings for products as offered by Seasons Travels NZ are accepted subject to the conditions of carriage and other conditions imposed by suppliers and subcontractors to Seasons Travels NZ. Travelers should be aware that there is no relationship or joint venture, partnership, or employment between Seasons Travels NZ and any suppliers or subcontractors we deal with.

Seasons Travels NZ disclaims and will be exempt from any liability under the law of contract, tort or by virtue of statutory enactment in relation to any-
  a. loss to;
  b. personal injury death or illness of;
  c. damage or theft of personal property of any sort of;
  d. expense of inconvenience caused through delay to;
  e. disappointed expectation of;
  f. accident befalling; the traveller or any dependents, arising out of any negligent act or omission, breach of any duty imposed by statute, breach of any law of the place of destination or on route to or from the destination, tort (whether intentional or unintentional), or breach of a contractual term, whether expressed or implied or breach of duty arising under or imposed by any law on the part of Seasons Travels NZ, its servants or agents or of any subcontractor or supplier of any product or services.

J. Choice of Law:

Once the booking is confirmed you agree with Seasons Travels NZ that in so far as any contractual relationship is created between you and Seasons Travels NZ by you making a booking through Seasons Travels NZ, then that contract is subject to the laws of New Zealand.

K. Jurisdiction :

You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand for the determination of any dispute and the making of any claim against Seasons Travels NZ and acknowledge and agree that a court having jurisdiction in respect of the dispute or claim is the appropriate court.

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